Woman Shares Her Secret to Healthy Weight Loss After Shedding Off 20kg in Just 4 Months

Another year has come to an end, and another has just begun. Now that the new year is here, people are making resolutions – a promise they make to themselves to be better over the next 12 months.

A woman who goes by the name Pamela Cruz is surely going to inspire you to work on your personal goals as she takes the social media by storm upon sharing before-and-after photos of her amazing weight-loss journey.

Pamela started with a weight of 193 lbs (87.5 kg), and in just four months, she was able to lose a whopping 20 kg! The young lady ended 2018 weighing just 149 lbs (67.6 kg). It did not seem so much to her until she saw the photos of herself after shedding off so much of her extra weight.

According to Pamela, she started her weight-loss journey just like many of those who want to lose weight – through dieting. For a couple of weeks, she only ate steamed vegetables. While it worked for some people and led them to lose a lot of weight, it didn’t work for Pamela, and she only got constipated as a result.

She then decided to go back to eating rice after consulting with a health professional. She learned that she needed to add more fiber to her diet. However, instead of the regular white rice, she opted for black rice. She was again able to enjoy the usual food that she used to eat and loved which included meat and even canned goods.

Feeling that she was too fat to go to the gym, Pamela initially decided to do workouts at home by merely following YouTube videos.

In addition, she would also use the treadmill for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day for a whole month. However, she stopped doing any exercise for two consecutive months when she had to undergo an operation.

After getting better, she finally decided to enroll for gym membership back in October under the supervision of a qualified and strict coach. There, it was all hard work for Pamela, yet she did not give up. As she progressed, she was all the more motivated to continue.

Never did she once take protein shakes, diet shakes, diet pills, or the like. Finally, her hard work at the gym paid off! Just look at her amazing transformation photos!