Woman Gets Blocked on Facebook After Refusing to Lend Money to Her Friend Who Borrows (and Not Pays) for Many Years

True friends have each other’s back at all times, but there is a fine line between being always kind to your friends and being the pushover in the group. Of course, if they happen to step all over you at times, then they might not be your real friends after all.

When it comes to helping out a friend, the involvement of money is inevitable sometimes. But it does not mean that you must rely on your friend at all times in terms of your finances. That’s just abusing your friendship, financially speaking.

One Facebook user who goes by the name Shirlyn Sapp shared how one of her friends for many years used to frequently borrow money from her. As a good friend, she willingly obliged and lent her money in times of need despite not paying her even a single centavo. This particular friend of hers once again tried to borrow money from her to which she refused and guess what this ungrateful friend did? She blocked Shirlyn on the social media site.

What Shirlyn did after was she took some screenshots of their conversations from the past to teach her former friend a lesson. Turned out, Shirlyn was always there for her since their college days. There were many occasions where the friend or her so-called ‘bessy’ would randomly drop her messages and ask for help over different problems.

Lucky for her, Shirlyn would always help her out even if it meant drawing out thousands of pesos from her own pocket as her friend wouldn’t take no for an answer. Say for instance, the woman would borrow PhP5,000 and would not accept the PhP3,000 Shirlyn initially offered because she wanted the money in full.

There were even times that the friend would use her mother’s name to borrow more money. But with all the amount her friend owed her, Shirlyn revealed that never did she get any payment back, not even once. Even though she got to realize that her friend was taking advantage of her kindness, she continued to help her out for she knew her friend was really short in terms of finances.

In fact, even after several years and only seeing each other for quite a handful of times, the friend continued to ask for financial help shamelessly. She even saw Shirlyn working in Qatar as an added opportunity to ask for more money. Worse, she even dared to joke that she wanted to borrow Shirlyn’s boyfriend so that he would also buy her makeup.

Good thing it’s now over! With Shirlyn refusing to shell out PhP13,000 for the iPhone 6 her friend wanted to pawn to her, the friend got angry and called Shirlyn arrogant. She got into a heated argument where she even criticized Shirlyn about constantly posting selfies on Facebook. Finally, her ex-bessy blocked her!

In spite of all the help she had gotten, the woman made it appear like Shirlyn was still a bad friend. Really, how ungrateful can she be?

source: rachfeed