Woman Gets Angry After Guy Refused to Pay for Her Expensive Meal on Their First Date

There are certain red flags to look for on a first date that show someone might not be a good fit for you. Although most people are now happy to split the bill on dates, demanding you pay over $100 for their meal might be one of them.

A man’s account of a terrible first date has sparked an online debate over who should’ve footed the bill. In a post uploaded to Reddit, which has since gone viral, the man, who goes by the username CuteBananaMuffin, shared the Facebook message exchange that occurred after he did not pay for his date’s lobster and a bottle of wine.

Photo credits: elitereaders

The post, captioned “Well… There goes the ‘friendship’ with her” begins with the Reddit user asking the woman for another date and his date responding: “After what you did last time you expect me to go out with you again? Wow.”

He asked what he did wrong, and she responded that she’d had to pay for her own meal. He said he hadn’t paid because his date had ordered lobster and an 80 euro ($90) bottle of wine, totaling 110 euros ($126), while his meal only cost 17.50 euros ($20).

“And you were really expecting me to pay that?” he said. “I’m a student, not your sugar daddy.” The man also pointed out that the woman invited him on the date, and that she was “lucky you didn’t pay for my food too”.

The woman was not impressed, calling him “so rude”. “I’m never going out with you ever again, if you can’t pay for a girl’s food then why accept the invite… gentlemen ALWAYS pay for girl’s food, but I guess you are gay,” she wrote. She went on to say he’d wanted only to have sex with her. He replied that of course he did, but he realized he “might not have €20 for that.” The conversation ended with her calling him a “f**king a**hole”.

The Reddit said that he usually pays the whole bill on a date, but as a student, 110 euros was far too much for his budget, as he works 60 hours a week to pay for food and books.

“The date was fun at first until she started talking about another guy and how much he liked him, but I thought, ‘Let’s eat, talk, and leave,’ since she’s into another guy, and it all crumbled when it came to the bill,” he said. “She was shocked that I let her pay. She didn’t say anything at the time, but from her facial expression I realized she was furious.”

CuteBananaMuffin’s story has triggered other Reddit users into debating whether men should be expected to pay for dinner on dates with women. However, as it’s not 1965, most people seemed to agree the woman was in the wrong. In the comments on the exchange, which received more than 31,000 upvotes on Reddit, people were quick to criticize the man’s date for ordering an expensive meal in the belief that she wouldn’t be paying.

source: elitereaders