Vietnamese Beauty Marries Man She Met Online Despite Her Parents’ Objection, Turns Out He is Actually a Rich Businessman

You’ve probably heard of stories about the horrors of dating someone they met on the internet but this romantic tale might just change your perspective.

A Vietnamese woman named Nguyen Van Anh shared how she took the risk and got her happily ever after marrying her now husband whom she met through social media.

Van Anh is truly a sight to behold and was never short of admirers during her student days. According to reports, she graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2015 with excellent results. She was able to find a job not long after that but always felt like something was missing from her life.

Van Anh revealed how she spotted a photo of a man with one of her idols while scrolling through social media in 2016. With the hope that the man personally knew her idol and might introduce the two of them, she decided to drop a message on him through Facebook.

The man she messaged, Dang Tuan – a Vietnamese living in Russia as he was working there, was quick to inform her that he did not have a close relationship with her idol.

Although it was a piece of unfortunate news, this marked the beginning of the blossoming relationship between the two. Both of them found that they enjoyed talking to each other so they kept in touch. Despite the time difference, the pair officially became a couple in November 2016, after talking online for half a year.

After 10 months of their long-distance relationship, the couple decided to get married but Van Anh’s parents objected when they heard the news. They said that she would regret marrying someone she had met online aside from not knowing each other long enough.

After Dang Tuan heard of this, he decided to fly over to Vietnam to meet Van Anh’s parents to try and get their blessings. They were still not convinced but after much persuading from the couple, they finally relented and allowed them to get married.

Van Anh was overjoyed and decided to fly over to Russia in March 2017 to discuss their wedding. To her surprise, her beloved revealed that he was actually a rich businessman and had been the general manager of a well-known fashion brand.

Turned out, Dang Tuan had purposely hidden his wealth as he did not want her to know yet. Van Anh said she would have fallen in love with her husband regardless of his financial status as it was his personality that had attracted her.

The pair tied the knot on April 9, 2017, in a grand and lavish wedding at a five-star hotel in Hanoi.

The married couple is currently based in Russia and has two children.

source: goodtimes