University Student Built His Own Tiny House in an 18-Ft Trailer to Avoid $19,200 Worth of Rent

Prior to enrolling at the University of Texas at Austin, a design major student took one look at the high cost of living for a struggling college student like him and knew dorm life wasn’t the best option.

Joel Weber is not fond of the idea of debt and nasty roommates, so with the help of a carpenter and electrician, he was able to DIY his very own 145-square-foot home in his hometown in Dallas. This would save him from a monthly rental fee of at least $800 near his campus.

Weber’s miniature house was built on an 18-foot flatbed trailer, equipped with plumbing, electricity, and propane-powered stove. It has two lofts, a shower, and a sink.

After roughly a year and almost $20,000 later, the house was finally complete and he couldn’t be any happier with the result.

“I saved up quite a bit and what I didn’t have, family, friends, and the community around me donated materials,” he said.

Thanks to his landscaping, house-sitting, and babysitting stints, he can fuel his active nature and his new tiny home whenever he wants to be on the move.

“145 square feet might not be for everybody, and that’s okay. It’s more about how I can live simple and still be grateful,” Weber added.

He describes the aesthetic as “organic contemporary” wherein wood and stainless steel come together. You can definitely feel the mix of vibrancy and calmness of the entire space.

The kitchen looks sleek and modern while his cozy loft provides a calm little oasis above the kitchen. The steps in the foyer serve as storage spaces, a desk, and stairs to the loft.

The bathroom is simple and complements the house’s elements where organic textures and natural light peek through.

Weber looks forward to taking his tiny house 200 miles south to Austin, just in time for college. By the time he’s done studying, he would be graduating debt-free.

source: gtgoodtimes