Two OFWs Disguise as Restaurant Servers to Surprise Their Children

As an OFW, it is really difficult to be so far away from your loved ones. Every moment spent together is special and always cherished while every moment spent apart is an ordeal they must go through. This is for the same reason why seeing reunions of parents and their children are beyond heartwarming. It makes us realize how even with the distance, the love they have for each other cannot be changed and forgotten.

A couple of videos posted on Facebook have recently gone viral wherein two Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) surprised their kids while disguising themselves as servers at fast food restaurants.

On the first viral video, a mother sporting a face mask pretends to be a waitress to his two boys at a restaurant. She brings the food that her children had ordered. Having no clue of what is actually going on, their mom puts two more plates in front of them and stands by their chairs.

Finally, she takes the mask off her face and immediately hugs her utterly surprised sons who started crying out of joy and disbelief. The crowd started to cheer for the completely heartwarming reunion of the three.

On the second viral video which was featured by GMA News, a father pretends to be a server for his two kids, a girl and a boy, at a separate restaurant. The dad sporting a bandana comes in serving them with food. When he returns, he has already taken the bandana off while waiting to see if any of his children will notice it is him.

OFW, nagpanggap na waiter para sorpresahin ang mga anak

Upon realizing it’s their father, the daughter cried right there and then followed by her sibling who saw their dad standing beside him. When asked about the surprise, the father narrated how his children would often surprise their mother when they were in Qatar. In return, he and his wife decided to surprise them for a change and they clearly did a pretty great job.