This Young Woman in China Refuses To Take $300,000 ‘Break-Up Fee’ From Ex-BF, Because It’s Too Small

Breaking up with your significant other is usually a heart-wrenching process, but this couple in eastern China has ended their relationship in a very different way.

A 23-year-old guy in China has reportedly left his ex-girlfriend 2 million yuan (approximately $315,000) “break-up fee”. But his ex-girlfriend abandoned the suitcase with the cash because it was too little for her.

The suitcase actually belongs to a young professional who was seen in the bar the night before the incident with two ladies; one of them reportedly his ex-girlfriend.

Based on the reports, a young lady arrived at a bar with her friend in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on the night of May 6. Both of them appeared to be in their 20’s and dressed well.

According to the Employees at the bar, the two ladies ordered drinks before a tall, young guy who carried a silver-gray suitcase joined them. At around midnight, the trio started arguing and the tall guy left the scene, he also left the suitcase to the two ladies. Soon after, the two ladies also left the bar, leaving the suitcase behind.

The bar workers eventually found the suitcase and reported it to their manager, who then called the police. When the authorities arrived, they took the suitcase and later find out that it contained bundles of 100 yuan notes, approximately up to 2 million yuan ($314,965.60).

The young guy came back looking for the suitcase and the manager has decided to summon the police once again in the morning of May 7.

He was identified to be 23 years old and a young professional who is employed in the information technology sector. The young guy explained that one of the two ladies was his ex-girlfriend who sought for a “break-up fee” of 5 million yuan ($787,377).

“I broke up with my girlfriend. She asked me for five million yuan as a ‘break-up fee.’ I used the luggage to bring two million in cash. I met her at the bar and told her that I only brought two million. Then I left,” he told the authorities.

Based on his story, it appears that the amount he delivered was not enough, so his ex-girlfriend left the suitcase at the bar. Then, she called him later to inform that she did not take the money.

His ex-girlfriend also explained her side after being summoned by the authorities and they fell silent after hearing both accounts.

The young lady said:

“He said that he only gave me two million yuan. I didn’t want it, so I left. Then I called him and said I didn’t want the money and let him get it back. That’s it.”

Luckily, the young guy recovered all his money in the suitcase after verifying his identity.