This Father’s Simple Christmas Gift For His Daughter Touched The Hearts of Netizens

The Philippines is a country known for having the longest celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. In fact, starting from the month of September, preparations and anticipation for Christmas are already starting.

When it’s already holiday season, Christmas decorations can be seen in the streets. In many places, there’s a lot of Christmas bazaars and shopping sales everywhere.

In an interview with Rappler, Dr. Jayeel Cornelio, a sociologist from the Ateneo de Manila University, he explained some thoughts as to why many people have such high regard and positive feeling for Christmas.

According to him, “The positive outlook towards Christmas is partly framed by the way the Church celebrates it: there is the Advent season. It’s a very positive disposition towards the arrival of Christ.”

There is also a lot to anticipate from this occasion, aside from celebrating the birth of the Savior (for Christians). Many families spend time together after a long time of not seeing each other, small reunion for friends after a long and hard year of toiling in school or work, and of course, gifts for children.

“While our culture celebrates camaraderie and cheerfulness, Christmas is in itself a fanfare of desires: the joy of the family is intertwined with the joys of travel, expensive gifts, bountiful feasts, sale, and all that,” Dr. Jayeel added.

Giving thoughtful gifts to their loved ones and special people in their lives during Christmas has already become a Filipino tradition.

Recently, a viral photo of a father riding his bicycle while carrying a pink toy has caught the attention of the netizens.

The viral photo was uploaded by Facebook user Roland Ramos and captioned his post, “Daddy is coming home with presents. Chanced upon a presumed father carrying a toy perhaps presents for his kid (probable daughter due to the color of the toy). Along MCLL Hi-way Guiwan, Zamboanga City.”

If you take a quick look at the photo, it appears like an ordinary photo. But when you look closely, you will notice how simple the man in the photo looks, he is wearing a plain shirt and a short, while pedalling his bicycle and carrying the precious gift toy for his child.

Many Filipino netizens were extremely touched by this simple and loving gesture of this father. This photo also reminds us of our parents’ sacrifices just to provide us with a decent life, they are willing to do everything and anything just to give their children the best of life ahead.