This Father Becomes Emotional After Receiving An Unexpected Gift From His Son.

Parents’ love is the only love that is selfless, forgiving and unconditional as they always put their children’s interest first before them. They always make sacrifices so their children can have the life they deserve, without even expecting anything in return.

But one of the most beautiful things in this world is to see your parents smiling, and knowing that you are the reason behind their smile.


Recently, a video of a son giving his father a brand new car as a gift went viral on the internet and touched the hearts of netizens.

The viral video was uploaded by Facebook user named Azie Haziyah last December 29.

As of writing, the video has reached over 1.2 million views, 7,300 likes and reaction, and 11,000 shares on Facebook.


In the video, the father was confused at first when his son suddenly instructed him to go outside. Then he saw a blue Perodua Bezza car parked in front of his house, this added to his confusion.

To end the confusion, his son approached him and handed him the key. The son told his father that the car belongs to him now. Upon hearing this, his father started tearing up and he got emotional. His son embraced him showing how much he loves his father, on the other hand, his father could not let go of his son’s embrace.


The father could not believe that he was just gifted with a new car and even asked, “Am I dreaming?”

But prior to this event, the family was mourning for the lost of the parents’ third son. The incident happened after they returned from performing pilgrimage at Mecca last October 27.

The son wanted to make his father at least smile and feel loved by this act of appreciation for all his father did for them.


Many netizens admired what the son did for his father and said that the father was so blessed with his son.

Some even admitted that they also cried while watching the video. The story was very inspirational and it reminds many people to strive hard into becoming better children to their parents.

This story also reminds us to always give thanks to our parents for all the things that they have done for us because we are nothing without them.

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