Take a Look at This Beautiful Sampaguita Girl In Quiapo, Manila

Good looking people can easily steal the attention of the people around them. Just like what happened recently when this young girl who was selling Sampaguita in the streets of Quiapo instantly grabbed the attention of the people who saw her.

The beautiful Sampaguita vendor was identified as Veronica Rodillas. She is currently making rounds all over the internet because of her beautiful looks.

The Facebook page, Ang Diary ng Babae, uploaded Veronica’s pictures on December 28 and was dubbed the “Sampaguita Girl.” In her photo, she wears a pink fitted shirt with blue jeans while holding some of her Sampaguita garlands that she is selling to passersby around Quiapo.

The young girl has mestiza looks, straight black hair, and a fair skin complexion. Many netizens were instantly captivated by her girl-next-door looks.

But aside from her physical appearance, the young girl also has a good heart and a caring personality.

According to a post in Usapang Kalye Facebook page, Veronica started selling Sampaguita garlands since she was five years old. They left their province after her mother and father have separated. Since then, her mother raised her alone.

Veronica is only fourteen years old and she is currently a sophomore at Araullo High School.

Every Friday morning, she helps her mother to sell Sampaguita garlands before she goes to class at 11 AM. This is the time when many people visit the place to hear mass.

But this is not the first that time this kind of scenario happened. If you can still remember Jeyrick Sigmaton who was dubbed as the “Carrot Man”, and Rita Gaviola, who was also known as “Badjao Girl,” they became famous last year because of their good looks when photos of them surfaced all over Facebook.

During these days, a person can easily become popular because of the power of social media. Because of this, Veronica now has more than 7,000 Facebook followers.

As of writing, “Sampaguita girl” viral photos in Ang Diary ng Babae, Facebook page have reached over 6,000 likes and 723 shares, the post also received different reactions from the netizens.