Take A Glimpse At Anne Curtis’s Modern Eclectic Condo Unit In Makati

Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith was commonly known as Anne Curtis. She was born on February 17, 1985 in Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia.

The Kapamilya actress and It’s Showtime host, Anne Curtis, was married to Erwan Heussaff since November 12, 2017.

For a celebrity like Anne, who has a busy schedule, it’s so important to come home to a place that’s relaxing and inviting. Luckily, she was able to achieve the simple elegance and dollhouse features of a Victorian-inspired townhouse in the south that offers a very refreshing and vibrant mix of posh living and laid-back ambiance.

The Kapamilya actress personally joined her interior designer Rossy Yabut-Rojales, who is the principal designer of Heim Interiors in completing her home. According to the designer, the actress wanted the place to be open and spacious and to achieve it, they worked on the renovation of the place and even tore down the walls.

Rossy also added that each piece of furniture found in the unit suits Anne’s requirements and her lifestyle. Anne was very hands-on during the whole process, she even joined the visits to different stores to look for the right piece of furniture. When the renovation was done, the unit became a special place that Anne can come home to and where she can spend time with her family and friends.

The Foyer

Anne’s foyer features a rustic appeal with a distressed console table, a mirror, and an area rug completing the look. There’s an upholstered chair located in a corner to accommodate visitors and guests.

Different frames with photos liven up the wall near the foyer. Looking at the photos, you can see Anne’s memorable moments with her family and photos of her while growing up.

The Living Area

This part of the condo was dominated by earth tones, it has huge windows to let natural light stream into space. The living area has a wooden coffee table with steel wheels by furniture designer Eric Paras, a wooden floor lamp from Triboa Bay Living, and a red tufted rocking chair from Heima. It’s furnished with a Persian rug from the US, and the vintage stand fan with yellow blades from Jo-Liza Arts & Antiques.

It is also the part of her house where the actress spends time with her friends—sometimes singing a few songs and watching movies. If you’ve been following Anne on Instagram, then you might also be familiar with her living area. You can also see a low cabinet that can be used as a storage for records and DVDs and the wall-mounted shelves hold photos, souvenirs, and other decors.

Furthermore, guest and visitors can also appreciate the openness of her unit with the pretty shelf filled with books.

The Reading Area

Anne’s reading area was completed with comfortable chairs that make the place extra cozy and perfect for days when Anne simply wants to read books. There is also a nesting table in between the chairs that can hold refreshments and decor.

This area also features a LED-illuminated, floor-to-ceiling bookcase that holds Anne’s books. The actress has a collection of different genres of books—from beauty and fashion to humor and inspirational. You can also see a section of the bookcase which was dedicated to her life peg, Audrey Hepburn.

The Powder Room

The compact common powder features an interesting pull-chain Victorian high-tank water closet. They installed a colorful Machuca tile to spruce up the small space.

The Dining Area

Since Anne loves having friends and family over, her dining area has a huge dining table which is a custom-made 10-seater wooden table from Heima piece. The brick accent wall completes the rustic flair of the dining area.

To add charm and character to the dining area, they placed mismatched chairs bought from different stores. The chair with a window shutter as backrest was purchased from Jo-Liza Arts & Antiques find.

They also added a copper lamp from Tom Dixon to illuminate the dining area. You can also notice a pair of custom-made upholstered high-back host chairs, a modern plastic chair, and a vintage appeal one that completes the space.

The Kitchen

The spacious cooking area was dominated by white colors, but although Anne admits that she doesn’t know how to cook, it’s Erwan who usually moves around this space. In fact, this kitchen was equipped with appliances approved by Erwan which is perfect for whipping up dishes.

The island in the middle serves as an extra work area and with the addition of a wooden bar stool, this can also double as a breakfast or dining nook.

She also keeps her collection of espresso cups inside one of the wall-mounted kitchen cabinets.

The Guest Room

Anne’s guest room has the basic necessities for a relaxing sleep, including a queen size bed and a daybed for extra guest. The sleeping space was highlighted with these two vintage glass lamps.

According to the actress, her sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith used to stay in this room before she got her own place. There’s also a huge closet at the foot of the bed which is ideal if she’s expecting friends and relatives.

The Master’s Bedroom

The brick wall adds warmth to Anne’s private space, while the four-poster bed from Philux creates a vintage meets royalty appeal. The chandelier and black floor lamp in the room are from Pietro. This room also has a huge window where Anne can enjoy a view of the skyline.

The framed sketch on the wall features the owner of the unit as drawn by Benedicto Reyes Cabrera, who is a National Artist for Visual Arts known as BenCab. The actress posed for a n*** sketching session last year and BenCab painted three sketches of Anne.

Beside the bed was a study desk that holds select decor pieces, photos, and Anne’s computer. There are also little drawers where small accessories and other important belongings can be stored.

The Walk-In Closet

Anne’s cabinets are filled with shoes, bags, clothes, and a bevy of accessories.

This walk-in closet also serves as a makeup room for Anne. In the corner, there’s a lighted vanity mirror, a built-in drawer, and a comfortable chair.

There’s also an anteroom that connects Anne’s bedroom to the en-suite bathroom. It is used as an extra closet where she keeps her collection of designer bags and purses.

The Bathroom

The actress bathroom features carefully selected pieces and decor that follow the theme and feel of the entire unit. The glass lamps from Jo-Liza Arts & Antiques provide the space with a warm glow, while His-and-Hers sinks complete the stylish countertop. There are also mirrors with distressed wooden frames purchased from Heima.