Student’s “Honesty Store” Lets Him Earn Money to Support His Studies While Attending Classes

A student has recently gone viral after coming up with a smart strategy to earn money not only for himself but also for his four other siblings who are all studying while he himself is attending all his classes as well.

Joenel Malanog, a first-year entrepreneurship student at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) in Davao City, Davao del Sur, used to sell different food products inside their campus in order to support his studies. However, it became impossible to do his sideline in between his hectic schedule, so he decided to open an ‘honesty store’. Much to his joy, it worked!

In spite of his parents already working hard to support all of their children’s education, the 20-year-old student knew he still had to extend his help, so he sold food around the campus which enabled him to reach out to more students. Unfortunately, he could only do this when he had no classes as it took a lot of his time.

When his schedule became very hectic, Joenel thought of putting up an “honesty store” in order for him to still earn money even without being physically present. Placing all of his products on armchairs and printing out the prices on a folder so students would not go looking for him, he counted on the honesty of his schoolmates.

Not only that, but Joenel also placed another folder that contained a verse about sin as a reminder. Lastly, he explained that he couldn’t look after the store himself because he had classes to attend to.

Amazingly, the honesty store is by far going smoothly, with many students impressed by Joenel. Besides, they loved his products altogether.

Likewise, Shirley Villanueva, the USEP Vice President for Academic Affairs, also praised Joenel and is proud to know that the students in their school are actually honest individuals.

source: buzzooks