Slim and Beautiful Girl Falls in Love with Overweight Guy and Marries Him After 10 Years

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we usually judge people by the way they look. Even when it comes to relationships, looks always play a big role. Some even make up a list of their ideal person where good looks are included.

One particular couple from Thailand has recently gone viral on social media. What’s the catch? The guy is overweight while the woman is slim and gorgeous.

Kudi who has always been overweight growing up and bllied by other people including his peers weigh a whopping 265 lbs. Instead of calling him by his name, others got used to calling him “Ball”.

Up to this very day, Kudi would still get insults for his huge size and the way he looks. But no matter what people say, what’s important is the unconditional love his significant other, Puwadol, has for him.

Even though Kudi is described as disgustingly obese by some people, Puwadol fell in love with him anyway. “Many people look at us and call Ball [Kudi] fat, but we do not care because I am in love with the person not just what he looks like,” Puwadol said, defending her choice of partner.

Weighing just 97 lbs, Puwadol also calls her better half ‘Ball’, but in a loving manner. In spite of their notable differences in terms of size, the petite Puwadol loves Kudi with all her heart. When asked about why she does not encourage Kudi to slim down for health reasons given that she works as a nurse for a living, she responded that he has some underlying medical conditions so it is difficult for him to shell out the weight.

It’s truly amazing how love can do! The couple finally tied the knot last year after 10 years of exclusively dating.

Puwadol then gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in December. We hope their love grows more and more now that they are a family of three!

source: rachfeed