Simple Yet Breathtaking Engagement Photos of a Couple Become Viral as they Wear their Respective Work Uniforms

The unspoken competition of prenuptial photoshoots is really a thing in this modern day and age. It must be safe to say that couples are really in it to win it. From traditional and classy to the offbeat and quirky, name it, it’s been done previously.

Yet, there is no stopping couples from coming out with their out of the ordinary and creative engagement shoot concepts. After all, each and every love story is unique in their own ways.

While most couples go the extra mile of donning extravagant engagement outfits and creative locations for a pre-wedding photo session, this couple from Thailand surprisingly kept it real as much as possible.

The Thai couple identified as Sunita Salaemae and Adeelan Salae, sporting their respective work uniforms in what seems like a rubber plantation as their backdrop would do the same magic for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Sunita works as a nurse in real life, which explains her chosen engagement attire. Same goes with her fiancé Adeelan who works at a farm in a most likely rubber plantation as seen on their engagement photoshoot location. Photographer Yusree Yusohem perfectly captured the beautiful pre-wedding photos.

Regardless of what the couple chose to wear and where the photoshoot took place, it still has the same, if not more, an effect on the people who laid eyes on their captivating pre-wedding photos.

As a matter of fact, the set of photos has gone viral on social media after photographer Yusree posted it on his Facebook account with a short but powerful caption:

“Love doesn’t depend on career but depends on taking care of each other.”

Thousands of netizens then expressed their sentiments under the post, congratulating the couple who clearly is madly in love with each other despite their social differences.

They were also praised for their practical and wise decision of not spending too much on their engagement photo shoot.

This goes to show that whether your wedding or engagement photo shoot is extravagant or not, what matters most is the love felt between the two of you.

source: goodtimes