Netizens Take Pity on an Old Lady Who Sleeps Outside Their House

Among many others, family tradition plays the most important role in the Filipino community. However, some just cannot live up to this expectation, which is why elderly abandonment in the Philippines is becoming more and more apparent.

Over one and a half million elderly Filipinos have been abandoned due to a number of reasons. Reasons that are, in a way, due to existing problems in the society but mostly more on the lack of having the right conscience. Although most Filipinos have no intention to sacrifice family, the inevitable happens when times get rough.

A Facebook post shared on the page PD Trending News earned angry reactions from thousands of netizens wherein it shows photos of an old lady lying down on a bamboo floor outside a house. The elderly seemed to be by herself and it was speculated that her children were just out working.

Regardless of this, it is heartbreaking to witness the old lady’s miserable condition, with many netizens trying to call on authorities to rescue the old lady and take her away from her ‘heartless’ family.

Some guessed that she’s already bedridden and could not be of any help around the house. There are also wild guesses that she was only allowed to sleep outside so she would not soil herself inside the premises of their home.

“Bakit my mga anak na walang utang na loob? Tandaan niyo tatanda din kayo at gawin din yan ng mga anak niyo sa inyo,” a netizen commented. “Di rin gaganda buhay ng mga anak na pabaya sa magulang kaka gigil bat may mga anak na kayang tiisin magulang sa ganyang kalagayan GOD BLESS YOU lola,” another added. “Kawawa naman c nanay bakit sya jan natutulog, mga anak nasaan na ang konsensya nyo wala kayong habag sa magulang nyo bakit ninyo pinabayaan ang ina nyo.”

We do hope that someone with a kind heart would bring her to a proper facility where she could be well taken care of.