Netizens Praise Young Student Who Sells Balut, Chicharon, and Other Items to Go to School

Everyone has got their own idea of what success is as well as poverty depending on one’s own situation. Many people are disturbed about the fact that they are poor or end up being in poor families and therefore constantly believe it’s a hindrance to their success.

But as cliché as it sounds, poverty is not a hindrance to achieve your aspirations in life. Hard work, positive thinking, and such will surely enable one to overcome poverty. Take this one college student as an example who showed what determination is all about just so he can finish his studies despite not being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

A BS Hospitality Management student at the University of the Cordilleras in Baguio, Philippines, Jonel Tejedo was born in a poor family, but he is more than willing to do anything to finish his studies and get a better chance in life.

In order to support himself throughout high school, he started selling balut, chicharon, and other items. The determined student continues to sell the food items in high hopes to graduate from college.

Several months ago, Jonel had gotten financial assistance from netizens so he could buy a uniform for his course. Recently, he went viral again on social media after a Facebook user named Maria Michelle Awing-tauli shared his photo.

“Was so speechless when i saw him coming down the stairs. I really admire him. Despite his condition he manage to sacrifice and earn by doing this. May the young generation imitate his perseverance.. He came from school and need to roam around to sell balot pugo and chicharon. The road may be long and bumpy but success is still at the end of the line,” Maria Michelle wrote as a caption. – source

A lot of netizens praised Jonel and expressed their admiration for him, stating that it was great to know that he is doing his best to support himself in school instead of just begging for money from other people. Indeed, success is inevitable if Jonel continues to strive hard to finish school.

source: rachfeed