Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s First Television Appearances in the US Morning Talk Shows Gained Positive Reactions From Netizens

After spending the holidays with her loved ones, Catriona Gray flew to New York City to officially begin her reign as Miss Universe.

In her back-to-back guest appearances in the US talk shows, Catriona was really a natural charmer.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray was first seen in an interview on “Good Morning America.” In the show, Catriona briefly discussed her advocacy for children’s education, her mother’s prophetic dream of her being crowned in a red grown, and as well as her love for music.

After an hour, Catriona hopped to another New York studio, which is said to have its first live episode of the year, “Live with Kelly and Ryan. ” The American talk show is hosted by American actress, dancer and producer Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

In the show, she was greeted by hosts Kelly and Ryan a happy birthday before asking how she celebrated her special day last January 6.

According to Catriona, she had a “food trip” and she visited Broadway.

Then one of the hosts, Ripa brought up Gray’s Australian roots, which opened a discussion on the beauty queen’s diverse background. Catriona is a daughter of Normita Ragas Magnayon and Ian Gray. She is a part of Mixed ethnicity as her mother, Normita Magnayon, is Filipino, while her father, Ian Gray, is a Scottish immigrant to Australia.

“I was born and raised in Australia then I moved to the Philippines as a teenager,” Catriona said.

After that, the discussion transitioned about her latest big move to New York to fulfill her Miss Universe duties.

Catriona explained that she’s loving the winter weather and she had to wear a minimum of three layers of clothes to keep warm, which make her look like a “siopao,” or fluffy.

Her statement drew a loud cheer from the audience, which seems to be her Filipinos fans. On the other hand, Catriona also shared how her winning red gown by Mak Tumang drew inspiration from Mayon Volcano.

Meanwhile, the hosts noticed the packed balcony area of the studio, where the rumbling reactions came from.

“Filipino fans are the best fans in the world, and this whole journey has been amazing,” Catriona said.

When a photo of a little girl in a pageant was flashed on the screen, the topic switched to Gray’s stint as Little Miss Philippines. The host, Kelly Ripa said that she doesn’t appear to have changed then and now.

In a serious discussion, Catriona went on her work with the children’s education group in Tondo ’Young Focus’, which she also highlighted during the Miss Universe pageant.

According to Catriona, “I really believe that education is transformative. It’s something that you can give to a child or to a person that can never be taken away from them, which is why I’m so passionate about it.”

She also added, “These kids, without NGOs like that, might not ever experience going to school, experience developing a love for learning, which is really what can pull out a family out of poverty.”

The two-minute interview on “Good Morning America and the five-minute sit-down on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” gained positive feedbacks from Filipino pageant fans on social media.

Many people also praised Catriona Gray for her great ability to engage with the hosts and the audience that creates both substantial and light-hearted conversations.

Watch The Interview here:

Source: abs-cbn.com