Meet Jestoni Alarcon’s Three Children Who Took After His Good-Looking Genes

Jestoni Alarcon is a matinee idol in the 80s and 90s and considered as one of the good-looking men in the showbiz industry. The actor is best known for his films “Ang Lihim Ng Golden Buddha” in 1989, “Makapiling Kang Muli” in 2012, and “Encantadia” in 2016.

The actor also entered the world of politics in the early 2000s, being once an Antipolo City Councilor and the vice governor of Rizal province. Currently, he is the board member of the 1st district of Rizal for two terms now.

For 26 years, Jestoni has been married to his gorgeous wife Lizette Capili, once a model in Los Angeles, California and beauty queen protégé of award-winning celebrity beauty stylist Monet Lu.

They have 3 equally good-looking kids together namely Jessica, Angela, and Anthony. Recently, the three have caught the attention of many netizens due to the beautiful genes they undoubtedly inherited from both of their parents.

Photo credits: lizzettealarcon | Instagram

Jessica and Angela are noticeably combinations of their parents’ genes. However, some netizens find the former to be more charming than her sister. Jessica currently works in the medical field while Angela is a student-athlete in the University of the Philippines-Diliman under the taekwondo team.

On the other hand, the one and only son of the Alarcon couple clearly took after his dad’s attractive attributes.

Photo credits: lizzettealarcon | Instagram

While their parents might be an open book to the public through their social media posts, the three have remained low-key with their accounts currently set on private.

Nonetheless, they still have thousands of followers which mean they are slowly earning their spotlight on their own.

Their proud parents can’t help but share how happy they are for them. Many netizens hope that all three of them would follow in their dad’s footsteps.