Man Without Hands Creates Incredible Miniature Toy Cars From Scratch

We have been told that each and every one of us has a purpose in this world but for people who are born without limbs, it’s hard not to think otherwise. However, a man from the Philippines could not be stopped from achieving what others couldn’t do even with the absence of two hands.

The amazingly talented man who hails from Dumaguete City became an instant social media sensation after Filipino photographer Denniz Futalan shared photos of him and his miniature creations on the famous page Top Gear Philippines.

Even though the differently abled man grew up without limbs since birth, it never became an issue. His amazing talent manifests in each of the high-quality micro toy cars he creates from scratch.

These intricate and detailed mini toy cars immediately caught the attention of countless netizens once they laid their eyes on them. They could not help but wonder how he is able to do what he does, given all the little details involved in his creations. You would even think the miniature toy cars are crafted by machines or pulled out from a factory!

As Futalan mentioned, the man learned how to create mini toy cars from the owner of a digital electronic service shop in their area. The mini tricycles also are known as pediboxes are sold for $26 per piece while the prices for more intricate or bigger designs go as high as $40 per piece.

One more thing, the man can customize a design according to the client’s liking.

For anyone interested to own one or more of his amazing creations, you may drop by at his art workshop located on the second level of Robinsons Place Dumaguete. Give the man some love by patronizing his works of art!

source: goodtimes