Male Online Seller Wears The Gowns he Sale After Customer Asks for Actual Photos

In this modern day and age, online shopping has been the most convenient way to go when you need to purchase something but is too lazy to step outside of the comfort of your homes. However, this also comes with online shopping dilemmas such as ending up receiving something that’s entirely different from the photos posted.

One of these online retail services is AliExpress which is based in China and owned by Alibaba. It is an online shopping destination for the latest electronics, fashion, phone accessories, computer electronics, toys, and more.

Just like many online shops, countless of sellers on AliExpress post great photos of the items they sell, but buyers figure out that the items being sold have just actually drawn inspiration from the model photos on the ad.

Andreea Patriche is aware of this, which is why when she went shopping for a dress and stumbled upon a very cheap item that looked gorgeous, she asked the seller right away for actual pictures of the dress rather than just relying on stock photos.

Much to her surprise, the seller did oblige but in an adorable way. She shared on Reddit: “I found a shop that sold prom dresses and wedding dresses so I asked for real photos rather than stock photos and the seller sent me these (photos) of him trying them on.”

Apparently, the Chinese seller tried several of the bejeweled backless chiffon dresses and posed for the photos to emphasize the dress’ good qualities.

He even shared the appearance of the almost backless dress. Because of this, many netizens were so amazed by the amount of dedication he had in order to provide his customer with her requested photos.

“If I was in need of a dress right now, I would buy from him. That type of service is worth paying more for,” a netizen commented. Some of them pointed out that Patriche should have at least bought one of the dresses since a gown that costs $101 is pretty much of a steal.

source: rachfeed