Look: This Woman Amazingly Loses 57.2 pounds Through SkyFlakes diet

Losing weight and keeping it off is not easy, but you can definitely achieve it with discipline and determination.

Just like the viral story of Ej Curamen Sison, who was able to successfully lose 57.2 pounds by simply eating Skyflakes crackers.

The beautiful woman shared her incredible weight loss journey on Facebook.

Skyflakes cracker is popular among Filipinos and you can almost find it in any home you visit. This cracker has been widely accepted by most Filipinos since it was first produced in 1960. Because it’s convenient and easy to consume while satiating hunger pangs at the same time, people with sensitive stomachs and those with various digestive problems find Skyflakes perfect for them.

According to her viral post, at first, she wasn’t really conscious with her looks and would eat four to five times a day. She also shared that her mom would always tell her she could be thrifty about everything, just not about the food. Because of that, she grew up getting whatever she likes to eat and that led her to become overweight. In fact, she was actually weighing around, 78 to 80 kilos.

Eventually, Sison reached the time when she was no longer happy with her looks and being overweight, thus, she had decided to lose weight.

But since she knew that she was not the type of person who could go to the gym and do some exercise regularly, she opted to go on a diet. But what makes her diet unique is she only consumes Skyflakes crackers throughout the day as her food.

According to Sison, she also ate rice, but only on a very rare instance and she also lessen her sweets intake.

“Months ago, sinubukan ko ang ang panay skyflakes lang. Bihira ako mag rice. Once in a blue moon lang ang cheat day! Ayon, eto na resulta,” Sison wrote.

After a few months of sacrifice, she lost a total of 57.2 pounds and she was very satisfied and happy with what she has achieved. Now, all she needs to do is maintain her current weight with a healthy lifestyle and discipline.

Source: rachfeed