Look: Doug Kramer Shares Stories of Their 10-year Journey Before Achieving Their Dream Home

It looks like ‘Team Kramer’ will be living in their dream home very soon. If you can still remember, Doug and Chesca began the construction of their multi-storey home in January 2018.

After a year, the most-followed family on social media are now much closer to seeing their dream house come to life! The celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer, together with their three adorable kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin Phoenix were all very excited to see their dream home.

In fact, Doug Kramer recently shared a sneak peek of their nearly finished dream house on Instagram. He also recalled their journey before finally achieving their goal to build the lavish home.

According to his post, after their marriage in 2008, the couple first stayed in a rented house and as their family grew in the past 10 years. They hopped from one house to another starting from 2008 up to 2018.

He wrote, “We started our marriage living in a rented house. Then a small condo rental for a family of 3 with Kendra, to a rented townhouse with newly born Scarlett. Did a leap of faith to trust God’s provisions and purchased our first built home with newly born Gavin. That was 2008-2018. The first 10 years!”

On the later part of Doug Kramer’s post, he also expressed his excitement for this year as this will definitely mark another chapter in their lives when they can finally move in their new abode. Well, there’s no doubt that living in their dream house will definitely be the highlight of Team Kramer’s 2019.

“2019 will be the next chapter for us! A dream house for the whole family! 2019 will come with challenges as always. But for every problem and obstacle, we don’t complain, we always find solutions and make everything work. Here’s to trusting God for another beautiful and fruitful year! Cheers to 2019!”

Meanwhile, many netizens expressed their amazement and happiness about the couple’s milestone. Check out some of their comments on Doug’s post:

From time to time, the couple also shares some updates on the construction progress of their “dream family home.”

Their three-storey home will have a grand entrance, a playroom for their three kids, an infinity pool, a spacious living room and dining areas that can accommodate several guests, office spaces for the couple, a breathtaking view of the outdoors, as well as large sleeping spaces. He also shared that the queen of the family will get the largest room, which is the big walk-in closet that’s bigger than the master bedroom.