Ice Seguerra Goes Into Difficult and Expensive Procedure to Have a Baby with Wife Liza Diño

Just recently, Ice Seguerra formerly known as Aiza Seguerra and his wife Liza Diño have taken a leap towards fulfilling their dream of having their own baby.

According to KAMI, Ice’s eggs were harvested for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or the process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body or in vitro. The singer-songwriter’s egg will be combined with a sperm from a donor in a laboratory and once fertilized, it will be implanted in the uterus of Liza who will act as the surrogate.

“Today is THE DAY. Ice’s eggs are going to be harvested after a 12-day ‘turok sa lubot’ (bu+t injection) process,” Liza wrote in an Instagram post:

“I’m here at the waiting room, and ngayon lang sya nagsisink-in sa akin. We are really doing it!!! And today marks the first phase in our journey to have a baby. For the last 12 days, I tried to normalize everything. I went with him sa first day ng injection nya but after that, we both went back to our daily routine and isang beses ko na lang ulit sya nasamahan. It’s not because I’m not excited, we’ve been looking forward to this since the time we got married although laging nadedelay or kapos kami sa funds so kahit sinasabi ko na mangyayari sya, parang dream lang. Parang pinoproject mo lang yung pangarap mo. But within the walls of this clinic, may navalidate ako sa sarili ko today…may fear ako sa hospitals. Grabe yung aversion ko. Ang lamig ng pawis ko ngayon and sitting here right now sa waiting room, while he’s inside, I’m asking myself if I ever made him feel that I wasn’t there enough kasi di ko sya nasasamahan.

Moreover, Liza expressed how proud she is of her partner because of the full-on commitment he has by far given. She also revealed how Ice has been preparing for the procedure since October last year, taking Estrogen pills to prepare his body for the process. The actress also shared the difficulties the two of them faced with the procedure. She said:

“It wasn’t easy actually. For the first 4 days, Ice’s eggs are not growing and his right ovary is not producing eggs significant enough to be harvested so natakot kami ng slight kasi baka hindi enough yung maharvest and for a time ako yung natatakot na baka hindi magrespond yung body nya sa meds. But ito na nga, finally, nagstart mag grow ng eggs nung mga 6th until we got to this day. Sobrang salamat talaga Lord kasi naniniwala kami na if it’s meant to be, mangyayari at mangyayari.”

After Ice’s procedure, Liza posted photos of them together in the hospital room. She divulged that three healthy eggs were extracted from her partner and thanked the Lord that the procedure had been successful.