Hysterical Woman Delays Flight and Saves All Passengers From What Could Have Been a Crash Accident

Most of you must have watched movies that involve foresight into the future or commonly called premonitions such as the famous horror franchise, Final Destination. While some say that this ability is hardwired to every one of us, only a few actually get premonitions that can be entirely life-changing.

This is what happened to a Jamaican woman who was on Flight 620 in Cayman Airways, operated by a Boeing 737 en route from Grand Cayman to Kingston. What she experienced was considered by many as premonition, while others believed it to be divine intervention.

According to eyewitnesses, the commotion started when a man prayed loudly inside the aircraft. This led to the woman to scream just as loud as he did which was caught on video and was later shared on social media.

The woman was caught jumping and yelling “Hallelujah” and “Jesus” over and over again. Some Christians who happened to watch the viral video said that she caught the Holy Spirit, which explains why she behaved the way she did.

Some flight attendants tried to calm the woman down, with several passengers assisting as well. The flight was then delayed for about a couple of hours and the hysterical woman was forcibly removed from the aircraft.

Woman Calls on Jesus

Much to their surprise, the flight captain noticed that the plane had an engine problem as they were about to take off from the runway. After speaking to the ground crew, it was confirmed that there were smoke and electric sparks coming from one of the plane’s engines.

Because of this, the captain decided to land the plane. He said that if not for the “crazy” woman who held the whole aircraft up with her bizarre behavior, the plane could have flown off with a faulty engine. Thanks to her, they were all saved from a possible plane crash and most especially, from their supposedly untimely d3aths.

source: kami