Honest Janitor at NAIA Returns Envelope Full of US Dollar Bills

Another blue-collared Filipino employee is making rounds on social media due to his honesty.

The incident happened at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last Tuesday, 15th of January, wherein a janitor found an envelope full of US dollar bills.

According to the press release of Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), the 30-year-old employee who was identified as
Jeffrey Almoguerra was cleaning the arrival lobby when he spotted and picked up the envelope near the foreign exchange counter. Almoguerra is under Philcare Manpower Services.

Much to his surprise, it was full of US dollar bills. Shortly thereafter, Almoguerra alerted the security guard about the envelope and they went together to have the money turned over to MIAA Lost and Found Section.

The personnel from the lost and found section then documented the counting of money in front of Almoguerra and the guard. The amount of the money was not divulged to the public as it would be asked to the claimant in case he/she arrives.

“The amount is not being disclosed as it will be one confirmatory information to be asked by MIAA authorities to possible claimants. He or she should know the exact amount and that will be the basis in returning the money to the owner,” said one of the officials of MIAA Media Affairs Division.

Because of the honesty shown by Almoguerra, the office of MIAA took pride that the said value is still alive in NAIA. Moreover, the janitor was given special recognition by the overjoyed MIAA General Manager, Ed Monreal, for his good deed.

“We do this on purpose because we want everyone in the MIAA organization to emulate simple yet noble deeds such as what Mr. Almoguerra exhibited. I urge all our service contractors to also recognize their employees for their simple achievements and take care of them because they set good examples. We want goodness and honesty to become viral in NAIA,” said Monreal.

Source: definitelyfilipino