Girlfriend Gifted Her Motorcycle Enthusiast Boyfriend Some Parts to Complete His Bike for Christmas

We all know how much of a splurge it is to have a hobby related to vehicles, may it be cars or motorcycles. As a matter of fact, many wives and girlfriends alike frequently rant about this, stating that their spouses or partners always spend a huge amount of money on their respective rides.

Worse, there are men who actually cross the line by hiding their expenses from their partners because the vehicle parts can get too expensive to handle.

Meanwhile, one lady whose boyfriend loves motorcycles recently went viral after she gifted him cool new motorcycle parts to complete the bike he is building just in time for Christmas. This sweet gesture has made rounds on social media, with netizens commending the lady for being supportive of her boyfriend’s chosen hobby.

The girlfriend, Sophia Charisse Calayag, shared some photos on her Facebook account, explaining that though she and her boyfriend Roinuj (Junior) Amurao argue most of the time, they love each other just as much.

She has also been very supportive of his hobby where she would sometimes give her boyfriend money to buy the parts he needed for his beloved bike. She says she knows that he loves them so much that he would always happily hug her tight when she does that.

For their 33rd months, along with the Christmas season, Sophia decided to surprise her boyfriend by purchasing herself the parts he needed rather than simply giving him some money.

This would surely bring more excitement and fun because her boyfriend would then have no clue which parts she would be buying for him.

When the items arrived, Sophia securely wrapped them in a box and prepared the surprise, but it seemed that Roinuj already knew what’s inside of it. The lucky guy was already sporting a wide smile right after spotting the box. The thoughtful and generous girlfriend also mentioned that the motorcycle parts are not the only gifts she had prepared for his boyfriend. One lucky guy indeed!