Girl Obtains PWD ID Due to Her 300+ Eye Grade and Tells Netizens to “Know Your Rights”

It is a public knowledge that the Philippine government has a set of laws, addressing the needs of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the country. Just like senior citizens, they may also enjoy many privileges by presenting a special PWD identification card.

With a PWD ID card, one may enjoy lots of perks and benefits, including 20% on goods, services, and local transportation. Not only that, there are also other privileges like express lanes at government and commercial establishments, special scholarships, and extra job opportunities.

However, many of those with disabilities have yet to claim their PWD ID cards and are unable to claim the benefits and privileges that go with it.

Just recently, a tweet by a young lady has recently gone viral both on Twitter and Facebook wherein she told netizens to “know your rights” after obtaining a PWD ID card due to her eye grade of 300+. The young lady who goes by the Twitter handle keshylyne (@tokehang) shared a photo of her purchase booklet and part of her PWD ID card issued by the Municipal Government of Taytay, Rizal.

“Got my PWD card today! Filipinos who have 300+ eye grade are entitled for [a] PWD privileges! Know your rights!” she wrote.

Many netizens were shocked to learn about the newly proliferated information and could hardly believe how one could be entitled of a PWD card with its benefits and privileges by simply having an eye grade of 300+. Some were questioning if this was indeed true.

With the post becoming an instant hit on social media, optical clinics and eye doctors were surprised to cater a massive influx of clients who were hoping to get certifications of their eye grades in order to obtain PWD cards.

But as it turned out, the viral post had it wrong. Although the young woman’s PWD ID card may be legit, you cannot simply be issued one by having a 300+ eye grade! Your eye grade can’t be used as a basis for disability alone; hence, it can’t be used to get a PWD ID card for yourself.

St. Luke’s Eye Institute Global City explained: “In order to be qualified for a PWD (person with disability) ID card and its benefits, individuals with VISUAL DISABILITY must have 20/70 best corrected visual acuity on the better eye to be labeled LOW VISION, and 20/200 visual acuity on the better eye to be labeled LEGALLY BLIND.”

“Only persons with poor vision that cannot be corrected with spectacles, contact lenses, medication or surgery are eligible for a PWD Card,” Dr. Grace Adriano from Allied Care Experts Medical Center added.

Carmen Reyes Zubiaga, the executive director of National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA), told everyone to be wary when applying for the PWD ID card, saying it is only given to a person with real disability.

source: buzzooks