Girl Breaks Up with Guy Upon Seeing Their House and Gets Called a ‘House Digger’ Because of It

When you truly love someone, you take them as they are – no matter what their social status in life is. That’s how love is supposed to be, right? But nowadays, it’s hard to tell whether the one you’re in a relationship with really accepts you for who you are given the deceptive factors brought upon by social media. They claim it’s love, but once you’re offline and get to see how you do in real life, they suddenly leave you broken.

A post shared on Facebook by a certain Jayson Chavez has gone viral where it includes screenshots of a conversation between him and a male friend. The other guy narrated how her now ex-girlfriend broke up with him after seeing their house.

Jayson’s friend even managed to drop a joke amidst heartache, calling her ex-girlfriend a ‘house digger’. While an actual photo of the house was not shared, the two guys had a good laugh over the newly invented term. It might be a funny term but many of netizens who were able to read the post agreed with the poor guy!

While most of the Facebook users criticized the anonymous girl, there were others who surprisingly defended her, saying she’s only being practical.

Finally, Jayson wished his friend good luck in his next relationship and hoped that he would find someone better who wouldn’t make the appearance of their house so big of a deal.

With the mixed reactions the viral post had gotten, is it really fair to call the girl a house digger? While many cultures including the Philippines expect a man to provide his family with their basic needs including shelter, it might be a little too shallow for someone to leave just like that because of how his house looks. Besides, you really can’t tell the house will look that way forever given the inspiring stories of men who rose up from poverty. Who knows? The brokenhearted guy might just follow in their footsteps.

source: rachfeed