Fishball Vendor Asks Help from Raffy Tulfo After Policewoman Wife Fled with Another Cop

Richell Ipapo humbly sells fishball for a living, but this very job is what sustains the needs of his family and what sent his wife, Diana Ipapo, to school to eventually become a policewoman. Unfortunately, Diana shockingly engaged in an extramarital affair while on training and left his husband after she became a Police Officer 1 (PO1).

This incident led Richell to seek the help of Raffy Tulfo so his estranged wife could face the legal consequences of her wrongdoings, given that they are still legally married and have a 10-year-old daughter. Brokenhearted, Richell also divulged that Diana had already filed for an annulment.

Although it was Richell’s hard work and sweat that sent Diana to school, the latter insisted that was it not the one that made her PO1 but all her efforts – her brain that made her a scholar and her body that went through difficult training. She added that Richell only gave her money for allowance and food which she claimed that she deserved as she was his wife after all. It was his obligation, as she put it.

Moreover, Diana confessed that she no longer loves Richell and they had an agreement long before that they would split up. Although they did not have verbal arguments, she claimed that both of them knew they do not like each other any longer. What angered netizens was, she accused her husband of physically abusing her. Netizens then questioned her about her “invisible bruises” from their “non-existent” fights.

Meanwhile, Richell denied that he physically harmed his wife. Diana went on accusing him of hiding their daughter from her but Richell said she was the one who refused to go home. She then replied that it was because he might feel they are back together as a couple if she returns home.

Diana who was allegedly 7 months pregnant with her policeman boyfriend said that the guy was just a friend. However, both Raffy and her husband do not believe her since their romantic photos speak for itself. With Raffy stating that she could be dismissed from service for her actions, Diana said if it would make Richell happy, then she would accept the consequences. True enough, her husband has already decided to file a case against her.