Family Receives Criticisms After Eating Delicious Meal at a Restaurant While Their Maid Was Just Watching Them Eat

While most domestic helpers are well taken care of by their employers, treating them with respect, dignity, and compassion, there are still some who get unlucky and find themselves working in households where they are constantly looked down upon and treated inhumanely.

Recently, a family in Malaysia has been the center of mocks and criticisms after a picture of them eating a sumptuous meal while their maid was just watching them circulated on social media.

The scenario got a customer in the same restaurant extremely furious, so he took a snap of it and posted it on social media. Going under the Twitter handle @v_vivekkk, he claimed that it was not the first time he had witnessed something similar. The concerned citizen, who claimed to be a ‘legal counsel for a Fortune 500 company’ further castigated the family for their heartless deed.

“I absolutely HATE people who do this. You bring your helper out to a restaurant and you don’t give her food. She sits there watching you eat. Where is your heart? Just because she’s a maid, she can’t eat at the same table?”, the caption of the photo read.

The tweet shortly went viral and gained more than 12k retweets. Meanwhile, the family involved learned about the viral photo and the contempt that thousands of netizens feel towards them.

In their defense, they also tweeted and claimed that the maid had already eaten prior to going to the said restaurant. Moreover, they expressed their hurt over the photo that was taken behind their backs and maliciously proliferated on social media.

Lin, the younger woman in the photo, further explained that Melissa, their housemaid, had run errands with her that day and had already eaten with her when they got a message from her parents to meet them at the restaurant. Since Melissa was already full, she refused to eat anymore while Lin tried out some of the food they ordered.

@v_vivekkk eventually deleted the tweet and extended an apology to the family. However, he still justified his actions by saying that he was only trying to point out the wrong practice of many employers who dine out and not include their housemaid when ordering food. He added that this practice must be stopped already.

source: buzzooks