Ex-Girlfriend Left Him Because He Was ‘Poor’ So He Showed Her What Money Could Not Buy

While love seems to be a universally valued attribute, we face many hurdles in taking the actions that allow love to flow freely throughout our lives and relationships. May all of us be reminded that love includes feeling for the other that goes beyond any selfishness or self-interest.

One netizen named David shared a story on Dcard about his ex-girlfriend that will leave you in tears. He thought she would accept him as he was but as it turned out, her love was restricted by certain conditions.

He said everything was great in their relationship at first and they hardly had any argument. However, everything turned differently when his former girlfriend started paying more attention to material things and comparing him with other men. According to David, it came to a point that she refused to eat at roadside stalls where they used to frequent to have their meals.

David reminisced how his former girlfriend used to be so simple and appreciative of any effort which did not involve money at all.

They would go eating at roadside stalls, watch television at home, and go out for movie dates. Everything was so simple until several months later, his ex-girlfriend began to change and argued with him a lot.

“Why do other men give their girlfriend expensive smartphones, branded handbags, and clothing and why do you give meals at roadside stalls and night market goods?” David recalled her saying this to him out of the blue.

Eventually, their fights led to their breakup. Although brokenhearted, David asked the girl to eat one final meal with him. The girl was hesitant at first, saying:

“Wouldn’t it be a roadside stall again? What’s delicious about it?”

But David promised to treat her with a good meal to which the girl finally agreed to.

When the day arrived, David came to pick her up in a BMW car and saw the shocked reaction written all over the girl’s face. He drove her to their mansion where servants lined up to greet him as they walked to the dining room where delicious food splayed across a large dining table awaited them.

David introduced her to his parents not as a girlfriend, but as a mere friend. For the last time, they enjoyed their food together and he could see it on her face that she regretted she decided to call it quits between them.

David took her home after the meal. Before she got off the car, his ex-girlfriend said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know…” and he replied, “It doesn’t matter. I can’t give you the life that you want.”

David’s story reminds us that while material things play a minor role in a relationship, it will not last long if the love relies on them alone. On the other hand, relationship based on pure and unconditional love will do.

source: goodtimes