Consuming One Egg a Day Can Prevent Diabetes According to a New Research

It is a universal fact that eggs are not only a versatile food but also a great source of protein. Do you know that they are also an excellent choice for people with diabetes? Yes, you’ve read it right.

A recent research study conducted at the University of Eastern Finland found out that eating an egg a day can prevent Type 2 Diabetes. The study included 239 blood serum samples from participants who joined the Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study (KIHD).

The samples were then divided into four groups: the first group with type 2 diabetes and took one egg a day; the second group with type 2 diabetes and took 2 eggs per week; the third group with type 2 diabetes and didn’t take eggs; and lastly, the fourth group or the control group who were all healthy and did not take eggs daily.

Indeed, the results were amazing! The first group who ate one egg daily were found to be as healthy and diabetes-free as the fourth group who didn’t take eggs a day. It was also found out that middle-aged men have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes if they eat an egg on a daily basis. It is said to be due to a blood metabolite profile, a product of metabolism, that is related to a lower risk of such diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association further explained that a large egg contains about half a gram of carbohydrates. Meaning to say, it is not going to raise your blood sugar. However, eggs still remain a controversial food because of its high cholesterol content with nearly 200 mg of cholesterol per one large egg.

That being said, it is still important to keep a proper and well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and have adequate sleep each night to keep away from illnesses such as diabetes.

source: readph