Brokenhearted Young Man Saves Money He Usually Spends on Dates with Ex-GF and Saves PhP16K in Just 4 Months

In this modern day and age, women have decent-paying jobs the same as most men do. They can sustain their family’s needs and pay the bills themselves. However, many couples still observe the unspoken rule in dating wherein the man is still the one who pays when out on a date.

One formerly happy-go-lucky college student has recently gone viral after sharing on financial literacy Facebook page, PESO SENSE, how expensive dating could actually be for someone like him upon saving more than P16,000 within 4 months since breaking up with his girlfriend.

Photo credit: Facebook / PESO SENSE

According to the guy, he used to spend all his money on dates with his ex-girlfriend. Where does he get his money if you may ask? Well, he earns extra income from various sideline businesses like letting his neighbors and friends purchase a sack of rice on credit and pay him a little interest of PhP150 monthly for a 25 kg sack of rice. Moreover, he also sells gasoline and earns a profit of PhP10 per liter of gasoline sold.

Photo credit: Facebook / PESO SENSE

It all started when he broke up with his girlfriend last August 30. Instead of going out with friends or finding someone new to forget the past and move on, the brokenhearted young man rather decided to save the money he used to spend on dates with his ex-girlfriend starting September 1st.

Photo credit: Facebook / PESO SENSE

The young man made sure to regularly put his money in an empty container of Stik-O. After 4 months, he finally counted his savings and was pleasantly shocked to find out that he was able to save PhP16,400 – the same amount he had been spending around on dates with his ex-girlfriend!

Many netizens expressed their joy for the young man, stating that it was good that he decided to save his money. Some even suggested that he find a frugal girl next time around as her old one was a little too high-maintenance.

source: buzzooks