‘World’s oldest mother’ gives birth at the age of SEVENTY TWO after she and husband, 79, have years of IVF treatment

In life, motherhood is considered to be one of the highest callings. While many women conceive a child so easily, others were tested as they struggle with such due to different reasons. Apart from seeking help from the medical experts, they also put their hope in the God of the Impossible. In the end, they learn how such hope is always well-placed.

You might have heard of Sarah, wife of Abraham, from the Bible. In spite of her old age, she conceived a child through a miracle. And that is somehow what happened as well to a 72-year-old woman from India who defied all odds when she gave birth to a baby boy, turning her into the oldest mother in the world.

After years and years of trying to conceive a child, Daljinder Kaur’s wish was finally granted as she and her husband welcomed their son to the world using IVF in Haryana, India. With medical help, Daljinder conceived her child whom they named Armaan after nearly losing hope because of 46 years of tirelessly trying.

The fertility treatment had always been something the couple could not afford, but as Daljinder stepped in her 60s, they decided to finally take the leap. “When we saw the [IVF] advert, we thought we should also give it a try as I badly wanted to have a baby of my own,” she said.

After two years and three rounds of IVF treatment at a fertility clinic, their baby boy was finally born, weighing a “hearty and healthy” 3.9 lbs, according to the overjoyed parents. Currently, Armaan is still a bit underweight at 15 lbs and his mother thinks it’s because of her age.

“He’s quite thin and even diapers of his age don’t fit him,” she said. “He could possibly be thin because I didn’t feed him properly. I stopped breastfeeding him at three months as my milk wasn’t developing well.”

Nevertheless, Armaan is a very energetic and happy baby. “No matter where I am he’ll come crawling to me,” Daljinder said. “I love him. He is a friendly child and smiles at everyone.”

Unfortunately, bearing a child caused Daljinder’s health to deteriorate in time. “Since he’s been crawling I’m on my hands and knees and it’s hard. My body can’t take it. It’s been harder than I thought.”

“My blood pressure has suffered and I get tired very easily now. I’ve seen several doctors but they just give me medicines and a diet plan,” she added. “I’m worried for Armaan. I have to take care of my health but I have to take care of Armaan too.”

source: gtgoodtimes