60-Year-Old Man Happily Walks 40KM Home Amidst Heavy Snow to Save Money So He Can Buy His Wife New Clothes

Have you ever loved someone so much you’re willing to sacrifice anything in order to make them happy as can be? While many of us are quick to say we’d do whatever it takes for the ones who own our hearts, not everybody, for real, can do the extremes in the name of love.

However, a man from China just proved otherwise when he braved the extremely cold weather in order to get nice clothes for his wife. The sixty-year-old migrant worker from Henan, China identified as Zhao Fangzi chose to walk on foot 40 kilometers back upon learning that the blizzard had shut bus services down.

Rather than finding the easy way out by spending 200 yuan on a cab or perhaps getting a hotel room for a night to wait out the blizzard, he decided to brave the heavy snow all the way back home. According to reports, the old man did so because he wanted to save money to buy his spouse new clothes for the Chinese New Year. How could he be so sweet it’s making us tear up!

“Money doesn’t come easily,” Zhao said to the local media. “The more you walk, the warmer you feel,” he explained while bearing the weight of his belongings which included a sleeping mat, electric fan, and bedding. Besides, he claimed he didn’t feel so cold after all.

Zhao works as a construction worker in Shanghai, making a monthly income of about 2,000 yuan, which is why if he doesn’t do such sacrifice at times, he probably would not be able to save something for his wife. He also mentioned the backpay of 10,000 yuan his employer owes him which they agreed upon to be paid after the Chinese New Year.

Moreover, it turned out that Zhao’s journey home was one-way as he was going to retire soon and has by far no plans of returning to Shanghai. “I’m already 60 years old, and it’s time to retire. We have pensions too, after all,” he explained.

Zhao’s story touched the hearts of netizens from local and foreign alike. They applauded the kind of love he has for his wife and hopes to witness more of such love. It certainly is amazing how going the extra mile, literally and figuratively, for love makes it look easy!

source: rachfeed