32-Year-Old Woman Who is Always Mistaken for a Child is Now a Public Figure

One woman from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province in China identified as Ren Pei Yun is making rounds on the internet. Why? She has lived most of her adult life being mistaken for a child due to her small body physique.

Although standing only at a total of 51 inches, her height does not bother her anymore while some of us might find this very unfortunate.

What she lacked in height, Ren Pei Yun has compensated in having a bright and positive personality. This has hugely helped her in fulfilling her dreams of getting to perform on stage. But this did not just happen overnight. Just like any other person, her insecurity throughout her childhood had been a problem she had to face. As a matter of fact, it took her a long time to build up her confidence and boost her self-esteem.

Ren Pei Yun was always shorter than the rest of the family in spite of the other family members standing at normal heights. They did not consider it as a problem until she was prohibited from entering primary school.

Her dad who owned a fruit shop for a living sought help from numerous hospitals and looked for various ways to help with her daughter’s growth but none of them worked. After heavy pressure was given to the school who once refused her, Ren Pei Yun was eventually allowed to enroll at 9 years of age.

Being always at least a head shorter than her classmates in school, she became extremely self-conscious but then she reassured herself that her height must not define her. When she turned 21 years old, Ren Pei Yun decided to try her luck in entertainment and was recruited by the Beijing Heart of the Disabled Art Troupe. There, she felt entirely at home given the warm and welcoming people in the group.

Ren Pei Yun eventually started an online fashion store which became a hit to the people who fell in love with her products.

Since then, she became some sort of an internet sensation. She is currently maintaining her business and has no plans of slowing down yet.