23-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth to the First Ever Quintuplets in the Czech Republic

Recently, a 23-year-old woman from the Czech Republic gave birth to quintuplets by Caesarean section at Prague’s Institute for the Care of Mother and Child.

This extraordinary one in 50 million encounters of conceiving five babies without the aid of IVF was experienced by Alexandra Kinova. According to reports, she was the first one to give birth to quintuplets in their country. It is indeed some sort of a miracle!

Several months prior to her children’s birth, Kinova and her husband Antonin Kroscen were told by the doctor that they were not only expecting one or two but four babies instead. Overjoyed and overwhelmed by the surprising news at the same time, they were again shocked after the doctor learned that there was another baby hiding in Kinova’s tummy after a month. Meaning to say, the couple was expecting five babies all in all!

“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” said Kinova. Aside from four months of morning sickness, the now mother of 6 had been able to take a slumber on her side and did not experience any breathing difficulties.

Needless to say, the couple grew very excited to finally meet their quintuplets! After nine months of pregnancy, they welcomed their four sons and a daughter who was named Deniel, Michael, Alex, Martin, and Terezka, respectively. Despite being delivered without any complications, the siblings have been placed in an intensive care unit together with their mom where staff at the hospital looks after all of them.

The chief doctor at the neonatal section of the institute, Zbynek Stranak, said that the babies have 95 percent chance of growing up healthy. Meanwhile, their mother plans to breastfeed all of them just like what she did with her eldest son.

Meet the Czech mother, 23, who gives birth to the country's first naturally conceived quintuplets.

source: dailymail