10 Natural Ways That Can Help You Get Pregnant with Twins

There is no denying the fact that looking after a child gets overwhelming at times. It takes a village to raise one after all. With the right set of people to guide you through parenthood, it gets easier over time. And for some parents, rearing more than one child is a lot more fun.

Despite the disadvantages it has in tow, several parents wish to add a double bundle of joy to their brood. While mothers have to rely a lot on nature when it comes to their baby’s gender and genetics, there are certain ways to help you conceive twins. Here are 10 of the things you can do.

1. Dig Out Your Family History

If fraternal twins (non-identical) run in your family, your chances of conceiving twins are high. If it runs on both the maternal and paternal side, your chances for twins rise up all the more.

2. Release Two Eggs Per Cycle

If you or your mother is a twin, you will have higher chances of hyperovulation or the release of two eggs during ovulation process. Non-identical twins develop from these two different eggs released simultaneously. Hyperovulation usually occurs among women in their early 30s, so it’s better to get pregnant during those years if you want to have twins.

3. Eat Cassava

Scientific findings have proved that eating cassava may help a woman release more than one egg during ovulation process since the root crop releases GnRH hormones. It deceives your brain into thinking there is insufficient estrogen in your system, thus prompting the brain into releasing gonadotropin which increases ovulation.

4. Include Folate in Your Diet

Women who are trying to get pregnant with twins must consume folate on a regular basis to increase their chances. It can be found in foods such as avocado, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus. Taking twice the amount of normal folate intake is recommended.

5. Increase Your Dairy Intake

According to studies, women who consume more dairy and dairy derivatives are 5 times more likely to have twin babies in comparison to women who don’t. It was established that consumption of milk, together with other dairy products, increase a protein called insulin-like growth factor, making the ovaries release more eggs.

6. Breastfeed Your Child

Researchers found out that if you are still breastfeeding your child, you are more likely to have twins when you get pregnant again. This is because your body produces a higher percentage of prolactin during the breastfeeding phase, increasing your chances of conceiving twins.

7. Eat Maca Root

Consumption of maca root is recommended to women who wish to have twin babies. It serves as an adaptogen that promotes healthy reproductive functions among women. Even though there is not enough evidence available to support this claim, why not give it a shot? You may eat the root raw, dried, or in powdered form.

8. Take in More Pineapples

Pineapples are a great way of increasing your chances of having twins due to the presence of bromelain. It is a type of protein that helps with ovulation and fertilization.

9. Keep Trying Even After a Miscarriage

It’s understandable how miscarriages bring trauma to women, but experts found out that a miscarriage can also increase fertility. The odds of conceiving twins on the next attempt rise up when a woman tries to get pregnant once more after a miscarriage.

10. Talk to Your Doctor About Fertility Treatments

If none of the natural ways worked, you might want to consult with your doctor about the best option of fertility treatment which will provide you with higher chances of having twins.

source: elitereaders