1-Year-Old Japanese Baby Becomes Youngest Model for a Famous Hair Care Brand

A lot of bad things happen on the internet. But every once in a while, something good happens too, like when American hair care product company, Pantene, picks a Japanese baby with beautiful hair to be its newest spokesperson.

In its new advertising campaign in Japan, Pantene features Japanese social media sensation baby Chanco. The one-year-old becomes the youngest model for the brand which already has ambassadors like Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, and Ellie Goulding.

Chanco gained fame after her mother’s social media posts showed off her thick hair on May 2018. Her account, which is managed by her mother, gained 3,00,000 followers after her first post. “I’m so surprised with the reaction, but also very proud of the praise from many countries,” Mami Kano, Chanco’s mother said.

Pantene Japan launched its “Hair We Go” campaign, with two models who are refreshingly different from the typical hair product prototype: 50-year-old TV announcer Sato Kondo, who’s known for her grey hair, and Baby Chanco, who’s known for being the internet’s most well-coiffed baby.

“The company felt that Chanco’s hair exhibited strong power which would make people positively move forward. We also support her mother’s positiveness to post wonderful moments with Chanco,” Yoshiaki Okura, P&G Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director said.

According to a photo posted to Instagram on Chanco’s half-birthday, she already had a full head of hair when she was born in December 2017. Most babies who are born with a full head of locks lose them after a few weeks, but that hasn’t happened to Chanco.

Hormone levels in pregnant women seem to be one of the major factors on their babies’ hair. Women with elevated levels of estrogen generally give birth to babies with more hair. But hair this long and thick is definitely unusual, to say the least.

As for whether or not baby Chanco’s mom plans to change her hairstyle anytime soon, she says, “I prefer to keep her hair long, and in the future, I want to try some new arrangements, like braids.” As for the key to maintaining those gorgeous tresses? Kano says, “Brushing and just let her live as she is.”

source: definitelyfilipino