World’s Most Tattoed Doctor Reveals She’s Been Kicked Out of Restaurants and Designer Shops Due to Her Heavily Inked Body

A woman believes she is now “the world’s most tattooed doctor” after turning her body into a walking art gallery. Recently, she has revealed the challenges and judgement she has faced over the years because of her heavily inked body.

Dr. Sarah Gray from Adelaide is a well-respected member of Australia’s tattoo community. The 30-year-old has always been intrigued by body art and got her first piece of ink when she was 16 and has been a regular ever since. However, she divulged that her ink-redible look could make her day-to-day life more than a bit tricky.

Despite her highly respectable day job, she has become used to being ignored by shop assistants and being turned away by restaurants and high-end stores. Recently while shopping for a pair of designer shoes, three separate shop assistants paid no attention to her while she was waiting to try them on.

“They all served other customers first and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me,” she said. “I waited politely for ages and eventually gave up and left. They did themselves out of a sale and I saved myself $1,000, so I guess that’s one bonus!”

She had similar problems when she went out for a romantic meal with her husband at a restaurant on Australia’s Gold Coast. “After being seated for lunch, management then came up to us and asked us to leave as they had a ‘no visible tattoo policy’ for diners,” Sarah revealed.

Sarah refers to herself as an “art collector” and instead of hanging art on a wall, she wears it on her own skin. Although the doctor gets very frustrated by people judging her and other tattooed people just because of their “colorful skin”, she went on to say that, thankfully, attitudes have improved over the past few years being very different to what they used to be.

Source: elitereaders