Woman Rants on Social Media Over ‘Kumare’ Who Keeps Using her Child due to Godmother ‘Obligations’ to Borrow Money

For most people, it is a great honor if you are being asked by your friend to be a godparent. Because godparents are also considered as the second parents of the child. They guide and carry responsibilities to assist the child and to stay connected with them in some manner throughout life.

It’s common here in the Philippines for godchildren or “inaanak” to go to their godparents and received gifts from them during Christmas. While some godparents also give to their godchildren presents on their birthdays. But in some cases, we’ve also heard of stories where some people tend to take advantage of the so-called ‘godparent obligations’, just like the bad experience of this woman with her friend.

Out of anger, a certain godmother named Celine shared on her social media account, screenshots of her conversation with a certain friend or ‘kumare’. Her friend asks for some monetary help from her, but when Celine refused to lend her money because of her previous unpaid debt, her friend started to be rude.

Image via Tatay Digong Info

The conversation started when her friend sent her a message and was asking if she could lend her 1,000 pesos for her daughter’s diapers; following with another message that she needs it immediately.

After reading her message, Celine replied that she still owes her 1,500 pesos, which she borrowed previously for her daughter’s milk. Her friend replied and said that she shouldn’t ask for that money anymore, and just consider it as a Christmas gift for her goddaughter, she then again pursues in asking Celine to lend her the money and added that she’s rich anyway.

Image via Tatay Digong Info

But when Celine refused to lend her money again, her friend started to point out her alleged shortcomings and debts as a godmother to her daughter. She also mocked her that the 500 pesos that she gave during her daughter’s baptism were too small and a useless amount. She even mocked her to pay for the food she ate during the baptism reception.

Because of this, Celine lost her patience and replied that she’s aware that she was just making a story, the last time she borrowed money from her. She also said that it’s not her obligation to give her money because she is not the parent of the child.

After that, their so-called friendship was put to an end.

Image via Tatay Digong Info

While it is true that godparents responsibilities begin at the baptism of the child and one of the duties also include giving a christening gift, but most of the time this is not mandatory.

Your role as a godparent is not just to buy or give gifts and money, but to lead and guide the child as he/she grows.

source: virtualpinoy