Woman Dislocates Her Jaw After Laughing Too Much Out of Excitement During a Card Game

Card games bring a good time and some laughs. However, a woman from China was unlucky enough to have her jaw stuck after having extended laughing fits.

A Chinese couple went on a 28-hour extended trip together from Nanning to Quingdao City, Eastern Shandong Province. To fight boredom, Mrs. Qiao and her husband, both in their 40s, considered playing what they thought was a harmless game of cards. Unfortunately, something unexpected happened shortly after they began playing.

The inoffensive game turned out badly when Mrs. Qiao became too giddy upon receiving a fortunate series of hands. She laughed so hard, screamed in the cabin, and started an extended laughing fit. Her good humor, however, came to a shuddering halt because she accidentally dislocated her jaw after laughing too much!

In the wake of opening her mouth so wide, she heard a minor cracking noise and couldn’t close her mouth any longer. She realized her card game was no longer funny when she experienced excruciating pain rushing to her mouth.

The husband was shocked to see his wife injured after laughing hysterically. Mr. Qiao immediately alerted the training staff about his better half’s condition and the train raised the speed to reach for help at the nearest hospital in Guilin City, the next stop.

Meanwhile, train staff and crew found it strange to have an injured passenger inflicted by too much laughter. Upon arriving in the city, the doctors were already waiting for her in the train station and they instantly evaluated the moderately aged lady’s condition. She was later taken to the city hospital and following 2 hours of treatment, her jaw was at last restored to its initial condition.

May Mrs. Qiao’s case serves as a lesson for those people who laugh too much. Boisterous laughter can disrupt trips sometimes. It is true that laughter is the best medicine, but it should be also noted to do it moderately!

source: elitereaders