Wheelchair-Bound GrabFood Delivery Woman Earns Praise from Netizens

It is common for us to feel down, to feel like giving up, or just want to drop everything and leave. However, deep down, we humans are incredible beings. Our ability to dig deep and carry on has made us survivors in this challenging world we live in.

Recently, netizens found something to lift their spirits up when one Facebook user took to social media the photo of a Muslim woman seated on her wheelchair on the MRT train. Not just any woman, but the wheelchair-bound woman appeared to be a GrabFood delivery person, judging from her attire and the bulky food bag hanging from her back.

It is an inspiration to see such staunchness portrayed by someone that we often overlooked in our daily lives. Her limited mobility did not stop her from pushing the limit in ensuring that customers’ requests were fulfilled. The picture prompted positive reactions among netizens.

Head of GrabFood Singapore James Ong expressed similar sentiments about the viral post.

“We are very inspired by the delivery-partner and heartened to see her commitment,” he said

It’s laudable on Grab’s part as well that the company is inclusive of the differently abled, welcoming them to take up jobs to make an honest living.

“GrabFood is proud to be the platform that enables micro-entrepreneurs like our delivery-partners,” continued Ong. “They have the flexibility to plan their working arrangements, from their preferred modes of transport to their working hours,” he explained, expressing his gratitude for GrabFood’s dedicated delivery-partners.

Another Facebook user also shared a picture of a man that is wheelchair-bound who was making his delivery by taking the MRT.

So if you are feeling down right now, either because you did not get the job you wanted or things are really stressful at your current job, take a step back, witness the incredible determination portrayed by the incredible delivery lady on the MRT and reflect on how you can also do incredible things.

source: coconuts