Watch How Gerald Anderson Pranks His Mom to Reveal His Surprise An ‘expensive jewelry set’

It’s no secret that one of the most adorable and genuine mother and son bonds out there is Gerald Anderson’s and his mother Evangeline “Vangie” Opsima.

In fact, we’ve already seen a lot of times how Gerald loves spoil the most important woman in his life with everything that he can provide because for him, his beloved mother deserves the world.

Recently, the Kapamilya actor shared on his Instagram account the video of the priceless reaction of his mom to his gift, which is an expensive jewelry set.

In the video, Gerald made use of his talent and pretended that a burglar has entered their house. The actor called out his mom who was still on her sleepwear as she roams around their house to check for the said burglar. But upon seeing the precious gems on the table, she stopped and was a bit shocked, she even asked her son if the jewelries are real.

“Matagal ngrerequest mama ko ng customized jewelery .. meron siyang style na gusto talaga niya mula nung bata pa lang kami .. pero di namin afford nung bata pa ako .. So sinuprise ko siya,ginicing ko siya sa kwarto niya sumigaw ako na my pumasok na mgnanakawa sa bahay para lumabas siya agad ? .. suprise ? Just giving back for the 9 months Dala dala niya ako sa tiyan niya ?? .. #Dearmama”

Looking at her mom’s reaction, there’s no doubt that the actor really succeeded in surprising her.

“Sabi ko Ma, masyadong mahal yung gusto mo .. ipapacustomize pa ..Next time nalang ma ..” he wrote.

But Gerald’s surprise didn’t end there. After a week, he also gave his mother the grandest gift that she had been wishing for ever since he was a child, a customized ring.

While giving luxurious gifts to his Mommy Vangie is one of his way of showing love for her, Gerald also made sure to place sentimental value in his early Christmas present.

The loving son wanted to give back to all the sacrifices of his mother for their family and this is also his way of giving thanks to his mom for carrying him in her womb for nine months.