Viral Photos Taken By Chinese “Quantum Satellite” Uses 24.9 Billion Pixels

Shanghai City is also known for its strong economy as well as for beautiful buildings, landscapes, and cultural diversity.

Currently, a stunning photo Shanghai City is making rounds on several social media platforms and news websites. Where it shows what the world looks like through 195 gigapixels. The photo is a 360-degree bird’s eye view that has captured even the faces of people casually strolling on the road and even the plate numbers of the passing vehicles.

Take a look at the image for yourself. You can zoom in and zoom out, and if you keep zooming in, you will surely be amazed.

The panoramic 360-degree view is of Shanghai City was captured from the top Oriental Pearl Tower in China by Bigpixel Technology, a world-class innovative enterprise that focuses on creative photography and cloud data processing.

The Shanghai Information Office invited Bigpixel Technology in July 2015 to photograph the entire city which was unveiled at the opening ceremony of Shanghai week in Milan World Expo in the same year.

According to the company’s official website, with the use of advanced technology, the image has a total accuracy of 195 billion pixels that captures the detailed beauty of Shanghai, the viral photo holds the record for the largest image in Asia and the third largest image in the world.

The company revealed how the magnificent photo was made possible.

“The reason lies in that each big pixel panorama images is made up of thousands of pictures. Thus, it is 2000 times more accurate than pictures taken by traditional cameras. Moreover, its data capacity can reach hundreds of GB, which can display every detail of a city or a resort vividly.”

The image is now used as a new “city card” to the world and this project garnered a lot of attention worldwide.

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source: elitereaders