Toni Gonzaga Shared Their Parenting Style For Baby Seve

Most of us know that raising your kids is very challenging, but also the most important job you will ever have. Today, our modern society is providing different approaches, that parents can use to raise their own children.

In a recent press conference, Kapamilya host-actress-singer and first-time mom, Toni Gonzaga shared how they are raising their two-year-old son, baby Seve.

According to her, their son is not like the usual kid who goes to bed early.

“Well, Seve is like his parents. He’s not a usual kid na maaga natutulog. He sleeps at 11 pm. Pag talagang super active 12. He wakes up around 10 am and then he takes his brunch. We tried our best to make him sleep at 8 pm but it doesn’t work. He’s just so active. Like last night he slept before 12.

There was so much going on in the room. He likes to read books and play with his toys, he likes his Legos and all that. We don’t want to be too strict and impose a system on him. We give him the allowance to do what he wants within of course the limitation that’s still proper and okay for him,” she said.

The actress also shared their unique sleeping arrangement because they prioritize baby Seve’s safety. She said they have heard so many stories about babies falling from the bed that’s why they opted to have that arrangement.

“I sleep on the sofa because Seve has his own bed in the corner. Our bed is really, really high and we’ve heard so many stories of babies falling off the bed.

Up to this day ganun pa rin ang set up namin but when we travel we sleep in the same bed,” she shared.

Toni also shared that baby Seve is now being tutored in preparation of his proper schooling. The idea of hiring a tutor comes from the celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Jr., whose daughter Scarlet is a very good friend with baby Seve.

“He goes to class ng weekends. Meron siyang class na tini-take for social skills and yung tutor niya is for motor skills. Tuesday and Thursday ang tutor niya and then on weekends dun yung class niya. Same teacher as Scarlet. Recommended by Vicki Belo. Actually mas mabilis yung development. In this day and age kasi you don’t really have that much time anymore to focus and sit down so there’s someone to help.”

Recently, Toni Gonzaga and her husband, Paul Soriano enjoyed the cold weather in Japan together with their adorable son, baby Seve.

In their Instagram account, the couple shared some updates about their Japan trip and posted mostly snaps of Baby Seve while having fun in the land of the rising sun.

Source: showbizhub