Tibetan Woman Stuns the Modeling World and Social Media with her Unconventional Beauty

Gone are the days when only conventional and classical beauties ruled the ramp. The modeling world has become a place where people with unconventional looks are also leaving their mark.

We are talking about this specific Tibetan model named Tsunaina who has become a sensation with her strikingly beautiful and unique facial features.

Hailing from Tibet and is currently living in the UK, Tsunaina’s look is so different and some say “out of this world” is a more fitting description for her. What sets her apart from the other models isn’t her height or figure, but her alluring eyes, nose bridge, moles scattered all over her lower face, and luscious lips.

She found her way into modeling by a random stroke of luck, scouted on the street by a modeling agency. Standing at just 5’5″, she’s going against the mold even in the modeling world. She has since gone on to work with The Squad Management, modeled for big clients like Christian Dior, and walked at London Fashion Week.

The stunner has nearly 200,000 fans on her Instagram page and has been the focus of many forum discussions who debated over the model’s nationality. Even though she doesn’t have many posts on her Instagram profile, her fans are certainly increasing day-by-day, thanks largely to her nose.

If you are wondering where you have seen a nose like hers, then check out Neytiri from the blockbuster movie Avatar whom Tsunaina’s fans have actually been comparing her features too.

ELLE India described her this way:

“Even if you’re more inclined to conventional features, there’s no denying that her unconventional beauty is so interesting, it’s captivating.”

It’s interesting to learn that the modeling industry continuously changes, especially with social media becoming the strongest channels in promoting the diversity of types of beauty.