This Man Sold his Kidney to Buy an iPhone, Didn’t Get the Phone and Becomes Disabled

Living in a world where technology rises almost as fast as a heartbeat a lot of companies have been doing their best to create new gadgets that would suit the needs and wants of their customers. In return, people are so eager to cope up with the latest trends in gadgets that it became a want and not a need anymore.

Apple is one of the greatly known gadget company that has fast update releases and people have even joked that to buy one gadget from them you will need to have your kidney sold. This quite true because one gadget can worth a month or two of your salary.

There is a story of a young boy who takes this joke seriously because of his strong desire to have an Apple gadget which is rare in his hometown. His name is Xiao Wang and he is just 17 years old when iPhone 4 was released in the market.

Due to their financial status, he will not be able to buy such phone that is why he came with the decision of selling his one kidney. After all, humans have two kidneys and research have proved that we can function even though we only got one kidney that is why Xiao felt sure that his decision is right.

He immediately looks for people who can perform the operation and buy his one kidney. He left the house without the permission of his parents and go to Chenzhou hospital. To his surprise, it was not a legit hospital with the unsanitary operating environment. The operation went successful and Xiao receives 22,000 yuan ($3,200) in exchange for his kidney.

Xiao got sick because of infection and he was not able to buy his dream phone due to hospitals bills that need to be paid. His remaining kidney is not functioning anymore and he is one of the patients in line for the kidney transplant. His family is left financially and emotionally broke because of the decision that went wrong.

Poor boy that he had to go through the hard way of learning the lesson in life that you have to put your health a priority and not the things of this world.