This Family Prayed Loudly Before Eating Dinner In A Restaurant, But What Happened Next Surprise Them

Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons that God has given us. When we are facing problems and difficulties in our life, we often surrender them to God through prayers. But if you want to know how can your prayers be more powerful, have faith in him because God is not deft and he hear your prayers.

This viral post has recently been shared on Facebook. This is about a family who prayed loudly before they start to eat their food in a restaurant. When it’s time for them to pay their bill, they learned that they got a free dinner because of not being ashamed of their faith.

This is the post of Karl Alain Arante on Facebook as he shares his experience:

According to Karl, he and his family spent so much time because they are trying to budget their meals since they wanted to save money. Eventually, they came up with a meal where they can save around 500 pesos. After choosing the right meals and their orders were served at the table. They asked her wife to lead the prayer.

His wife suddenly prayed a long and loud prayer which other customers in the restaurant also heard. Unknown to them, the two foreigners who are eating nearby, also heard his wife’s prayer.

While they were eating their meals, he noticed a foreigner who went to one of the supervisors near the cashier area to pay. He talked to his wife because he is wondering why the foreigner went to the cashier if he can just pay their bills to the waiter.

When the foreigner went back to their table, he awkwardly noticed that the waiter and the supervisor are smiling at them, and after that, the two foreigners left the restaurant. By that time, he felt that the situation was really weird.

After they finished their meals, his mother asks for their bills. But the waiter whispered to them that it was already paid by the two foreigners who were sitting behind them. The waiter then hand them the paid bills with this message from the two foreigners:


His mother quickly said,“THANK YOU LORD.”

They were greatly thankful to God and the two foreigners because of their kindness and the unexpected blessings they received.

This inspiring story proves the true power of prayer, even in the least expected moments in our life.