The Viral Photo of the ‘diamond-studded’ Emirates Plane

Recently, many people were left wondering whether the photo of an Emirates plane that appeared to be a ‘diamond-studded’ aircraft was actually the latest plane of the Emirates airlines. But many also speculated that the image was not real.

But to clarify everything, this photo is an art piece and not an original aircraft, to be more specific, the photo of the plane is real but not the glittery diamond around it.

To tell you more about the story behind this and the creator of the photo. Her name is Sara Shakeel, she is a former dentist by profession and now a crystal artist.

Sara was on her way to Milan from Pakistan, when she found the perfect photo of an aircraft from Dubai’s flagship airlines, After that, she carefully gives the plane an “upgrade” by editing a photo of it and adding some crystals and diamonds, using different colors and sizes that add a sparkling dust to the aircraft.

Well, Emirates airline is considered to be one of the top airlines in the world that provides quality services and they actually know how to take airline standards to new levels.

Sara Shakeel originally shared her beautiful artwork on her Instagram where it got over 50,000 likes within hours of posting.

The airline also liked Shakeel’s artwork that they posted the photo of the Boeing 777 on their own social media accounts with this caption:

“Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777. Image created by @Sara Shakeel.”

The photo of the plane caused an online buzz and quickly gained 400,000 likes in their official Instagram account in just one day. Many netizens wished to fly in this amazing work of art and started asking when will the diamond-encrusted aircraft start to take off. But some also commented that the plane can also cause some form of hazard once it flies.

But the airlines itself quickly clarified that the plane in the photo is not real and it was just made by an artist.

Source: rachfeed